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You have a clear idea of where your company is going, and how you’ll get there. But can you articulate this in ways that inspire people to invest in your vision, and to help you turn it into a reality? Collaborating with  Joshero  makes this much easier and helps portray your business exactly the way you want it to be seen – and show the world that you’re positioned for sustainable growth.

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What Services do we offer?

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    By leveraging the power of integrated thinking, integrated reports offer far more value than old-school annual reports ever could. Integrated reporting goes beyond mere columns of numbers to the heart of your enterprise – it’s the difference between an X-ray and a photo.

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    Joshero can advise on international best practice and provide workable roadmaps that ensure your next integrated report ticks all the boxes. We can also assess your previous corporate communications and ensure that going forwards, all your reporting is world-class.

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    At Joshero, we understand that presentation adds value to substance, which is why we offer a complete compilation and production service. Your integrated report should not only read well, but also look good so that it makes a great first impression on the people you need to reach.

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    Producing reports can be costly in terms of time and resources – and that’s before you go into production. Joshero can help reduce the overall costs of every stage of the process and help you optimise your spend on your most valuable piece of corporate communications.

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    Running a business can feel like a constant struggle against red tape, with the threat of serious penalties for non-compliance hanging over you. Joshero can guide you through the labyrinth or regulations and ensure that your business achieves 100% compliance in all areas.

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    At Joshero, we see producing integrated reports as a joint endeavour. We recognise that each member of your team has valuable insights to contribute, and that a diversity of voices adds up to a more holistic picture of your business achievements and challenges.

Our Core Services - Adding Value

Annual Integrated Reports

Save time with a multitude of styled components designed to showcase your content

Annual Integrated Statements

Using integrated thinking to produce a true reflection of your business operations.

Annual Financial Statements

Accurate typesetting for a professional appearance and clear communication.

Sustainable Development Reports

Transparent data on environmental and social impacts, and mitigation efforts.

Mineral Resources & Reserve Reports

Accurate assessments of future value and the costs of unlocking it.

Results Booklets

Go beyond the numbers and tell the stories that underpin the fin. & non-fin. results at half-year.

Press Adverts

Communicate your successes and keep your company front of mind using these platforms.

IPO Documentation

Fully compliant investor communications ahead of stock flotations.


Take the time and space to tell stakeholders your value creation narrative.

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Integrated Reports Completed

Myriad Industry Sectors

JSE Top 40 Companies

NPO's, UNL Companies, SMEs

From concept to completion – for your entire journey

We also offer full design and layout services, including collating and compiling numerical, graphical and pictorial information, and presenting it in clear, concise ways.  Joshero  can also assist with digital and video communications – innovative, impactful ways to communicate key messages.

Writing & Proofing
Graphic Design
Photoshop Work
WDesk Styling & Mapping
Presentation Printing & Binding
PowerPoint Presentations
Digital Solutions
Video Messaging
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The importance of integrated reporting

Global studies have shown that companies that have embraced integrated thinking to produce integrated reports, tend to outperform those businesses that don’t. Integrated reports look beyond the numbers and reveal the value being created – including the environmental and social capital.


An integrated report adds value to your company’s annual and financial report. It tells a more complete story and is invaluable for investors and stakeholders alike. The emphasis should be on outlining and explaining business strategy and addressing questions around sustainability and holistic value creation. With business uncertainty growing globally, companies which adopt this open, transparent approach will find it easier to build and maintain key relationships and build trust.

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