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A holistic approach to integrated reporting

Integrated reporting made easy

Your integrated report reflects where your company is – and where it’s heading. It allows investors, stakeholders and communities to understand your commitment to business, governance, social and environmental responsibility.

With  Joshero  producing your integrated reports, you can be assured of full compliance and of clear, compelling corporate communications.

Communicate Better
Context is everything /

 Joshero  offers a cost-effective way to reduce your company’s corporate and integrated reporting burden. Integrated reports are a vital corporate communications tool. They give context to your company’s financial data, and provide precious insights into the strategy you’re following, the governance measures you’ve put in place and the progress your enterprise has made. An integrated report is a key decision-making tool for investors as it reveals the opportunities constituted by your company, and any associated risks.

Producing an integrated report is a responsibility – but also an opportunity. In today’s hyper-connected business world, it’s no longer enough to consider only your company’s financial performance. Your business doesn’t operate in isolation – it has impacts on society and the environment. Being open and honest about these impacts enhances your company’s reputation for trustworthiness.

Trust has never been a more valuable commodity. It’s hard to earn, and recent corporate scandals have shown how quickly it can be eroded by poor decision making. Stakeholders from investors to local communities are demanding greater transparency and sustainability from businesses – an integrated report allows you to meet these demands.

What  Joshero  can do for you

Joshero offers a comprehensive suite of corporate communications services, from conceptualisation to printing. We can help you tell your story and show investors and other stakeholders just why your business will succeed, and how it will uplift others in the process.

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Optimum value report generation and production.

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Adhering to all established reporting quality standards.

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Working with your team to ensure sound knowledge.

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Adding Value

Demonstrating the importance of true integration.

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Best Practice

Making recommendations to ensure quality output.

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One-stop shop

Full end-to-end compiling and production service.

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What sets us apart?

Our Mission

To contribute to a business culture in which integrated reporting is valued by all stakeholders, and to promote the integrated thinking that’s necessary to achieve the standards set out in the International Integrated Reporting Framework (IIRF). Along the way, we aim to partner with corporate teams on how to meet these requirements.

Our Vision

To help enterprises share their value creation narratives through the medium of exceptional integrated reporting.

Our Values

At  Joshero , we pride ourselves on never wavering from the following values:

  • Integrity – we keep our promises and deliver on time and on budget
  • Transparency – we adopt an open and honest approach to your report
  • Accountability – we’re happy to be judged on what we’ve achieved

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